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Rebel Logos & Character Artwork
Michael A. Chamberlain
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Basic Line Characters:

Original Rebel (1990)
Image Files:
Original Rider (1990)
Image Files:

Color Characters:

Original Rebel (1990), Color Option 1
Image Files:
Original Rebel (1990), Color Option 2
Image Files:
Original Rider (1990), Color Option 1
Image Files:
Original Rider (1990), Color Option 2
Image Files:
Original Rider (1990), Color Option 3
Image Files:


Original Flag Design (1990)
Image Files:

South Albany High School Logos:

Logo Design 1
Image Files:
Logo Design 2
Image Files:

Rebel Wrestler (2011):

Line Character
Image Files:
Color Character
Image Files:

      When integrating characters into custom designs, it may be best to use the PNG file formats, which should be easily imported into any MS Office Application document file for manipulation, and should retain vector quality and transparency. PNG and GIF formats both include background-transparency, however, GIF formats lose detail due to limited color-support. JPG provides the best quality bitmap formats, if no further manipulation is needed. CMX provides the best vector-manipulation support, providing a Corel-compatible graphics editor is available.

Terms Of Use:
      Retaining only rights of authorship and having originally created the specific renditions of the Rebel mascot of South Albany High School (hereafter referred to as "SAHS") displayed on this medium in the year 1990 while a proud student of his high school alma mater, the artist (Michael A. Chamberlain) hereby releases copy rights of any and all artwork, illustrations, logo work, and other digital imagery displayed on this page and relating to the Rebel mascot of SAHS to any and all past or present students or faculty of SAHS and may be freely used in the support of South Albany High School, Albany, Oregon, providing use of said imagery is not directly or indirectly in support of personal or organizational profit or financial gain, together with an appeal of source-citation. This statement of release supercedes any further copy-right statements which may or may not appear in the footer of this site.

In Summary: Please feel free to use this artwork for the support of South Albany High School.

Michael A. Chamberlain, SAHS class of 1990, creator of the Rebel flag put into service in the year 1991.

Go Rebels!

Copyright 1990; Michael A. Chamberlain, Illustrator
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