Boise Code Camp Presentation Templates, Logos, & Graphics
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Boise Code Camp Web site
Downloadable BCC Presentation Template Files:
     1. BCC Presentation Template - Ver 1 (PPTX)
     2. BCC Presentation Template - Ver 2 (subdued) (PPTX)
Downloadable BCC Graphics Files:
     1. BCC Color Test Doc
     2. BCC Logo File - On Dark Background (JPG)
     3. BCC Logo File - On White Background (JPG)
     4. Single Color-separation - 1 plate (PDF)
     5. Two Color-separation - 2 plates (PDF)
     6. BCC Flier (PDF)
     7. BCC Twitter Icon (PNG)
     8. Animated Flame Logo (GIF)
     9. Animated Flame Logo With Code Names (GIF)
ICO Files: Use for Website tab & bookmark icons, desktop shortcuts, etc:
Downloadable Logo Files (displayed in example backgrounds; backgrounds not included in grahic file - transparent):
Colors: White & Gold on Metallic Blue; example versions shown below, labeled "1" & "2":
T-Shirt Color Test Design
Print Color Test Design
Standard 3-Color Logo
Monotone Versions

Design Comments:
The aim was to develop something very simple, clean, professional, easily identifiable, and very versitile for future use. I believe this is a good representation of those goals. Should be very easy to reproduce at any size and on any medium for effective branding. Colors can be changed depending on the environment and pallet limitations per medium. In addition, this version will be easy to re-use (modified for themes as desired) for future annual events, products, etc.

- Michael Chamberlain